‘Stone Cold Takes On America’ Set To Premiere On 4/30

Stone Cold Steve Austin will host a new docu-series on A&E as part of expanded WWE-related content on the network.

‘Stone Cold Takes on America’ premieres Sunday, April 30 at 10pm ET/PT. The show will take viewers on an epic adventure as Stone Cold redefines what life after years in the ring looks like and experiences everything he missed out on while focused on his career.

In each one-hour episode of “Stone Cold Takes on America,” Austin will hit the road in his RV, accepting challenges from fans that push him out of his comfort zone. In the trailer for the series, it features “The Texas Rattlesnake” attempting drift racing, flying a helicopter, hosting a TV news show, bowling, working at a drive-thru, axe-throwing, bartending and rafting. Through archival footage from classic WWE moments and his own stories, the series weaves together Austin’s old and new life.

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