Team Cody wins at Survivor Series, Randy Orton and CM punk return

For the first time since 2014, CM Punk is back in the WWE.

The action kicked off with Rollins and Balor as throughout the night rumors circulated that Randy Orton was absent from the arena. Rollins strategically propelled Balor into the cage multiple times. In retaliation, Balor swiftly turned the tables, slamming Rollins into the cage and executing a backdrop onto the metal plate connecting the two rings.

The initial exit from the cage belonged to McDonagh, although he received a kick from Rollins before fully entering. Armed with a pair of kendo sticks, McDonagh joined forces with Balor to unleash weapon-based attacks on Rollins. Jey Uso entered the fray, alleviating the pressure on Rollins. McIntyre anxiously observed from the sidelines, eager to enter the ring. However, Priest intervened, emphasizing the team follow the pre-established plan.

In a whirlwind of action, Priest faced off against Uso and Rollins. Priest unleashed a baton to seize control of the match. Zayn then entered the ring, striking McDonagh with a kendo stick and ramming Balor’s head into the cage door. Zayn then introduced a table to the chaos, clobbering Priest with it before turning his attention to McIntyre. Armed with a pipe ripped from the cage, Zayn hit McDonagh and Priest. McIntyre then charged into the cage, overpowering Rollins and Zayn. He then turn his attention to Jey Uso, who was still reeling from the earlier in the match. McIntyre relentlessly rammed Uso into the cage, venting his frustration over Uso’s role in his Clash at the Castle defeat against Roman Reigns.

Uso countered with a powerful superkick, and he and Zayn teamed up to deliver a devastating 1-D on McIntyre. Rhodes, sensing the urgency of the situation, rushed to the cage, determined to tip the scales. Rhodes introduced a bull rope into the match.

Priest and McIntyre executed chokeslams on Rhodes, Zayn, and Rollins. McDonagh then delivered a moonsault to Zayn, while Priest slammed Rollins through a table with a Razor’s Edge. As the 10-second countdown to Randy Orton’s arrival elapsed with no appearance, Rhea Ripley’s music played, and she hurried to the ring with the Money in the Bank contract, poised for Priest’s potential cash-in. However, before the cash-in could materialize, Orton’s music blared, marking his entrance.

Orton swiftly took down Mysterio and McDonagh, flooring Balor with a hanging DDT. McDonagh then attempted to escape the cage but found himself stranded atop it by Zayn and Rollins. Peering down at Orton, they launched him from the cage, where he seamlessly transitioned into an RKO mid-air. Rhodes ended the match by dropping Priest with Cross Rhodes.

After the main event concluded, WWE saw the return of CM Punk. The crowd erupted in massive cheers as Punk’s music resonated in the arena. Punk walked onto the entrance ramp and engaged in celebrations with the audience.

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