The Rated-R Superstar Returns on Smackdown

Edge opened up the show in the ring to address the Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania. He believes the events from Fastlane and last week’s SmackDown could have been avoided.

“What happened at Fastlane, what happened last week at SmackDown, the mayhem the destruction, it didn’t need to happen. But maybe it did. May this was all inevitable. Maybe I was naive that I could travel the road to WrestleMania without any speedbumps, or maybe more fittingly any roadkill because that’s what Daniel Bryan is after weaseling into my match at WrestleMania.”

He spoke about how Daniel Bryan tried his best to make his way into the match at WrestleMania without truly proving himself. He then thanked Bryan for awakening The Rated-R Superstar on the road to WrestleMania. He said it felt good when he hit them with the chair, and next time he won’t hesitate.

“The guy who does whatever he has to do” is ready to compete in the Universal Championship match at The Show of Shows. He said that Pearce, Bryan and Reigns do not understand the ramifications of what they’d done. He admitted to snapping and waking up to the reality he was in.


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