The Usos beat New Day at WWE Day One to retain the tag titles

WWE Day 1 kicked off with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match with the Usos putting their titles on the line against New Day members Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

Things got started quickly, some quick tags to work over Jimmy Uso helped New Day own the early moments of the match. That didn’t last long, however, before The Usos started cheating to take over.

Woods tried a few times to tag in but he was cut off and The Usos continued to beat on Kingston. The hot tag did eventually come for Woods and he went on the expected run of big moves before nearly finishing off Jimmy Uso.

The Usos would eventually begin targeting Kingston’s knee, the same knee they’d injured weeks prior. Kingston fought back and hit the S.O.S. on Jey for a near fall.

Late in the match, the Usos hit stereo splashes on Kingson only for Woods to break the pin. The Usos won somewhat out of nowhere with a 3-D on Kingston to score the pin.


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