The Usos Leave the Bloodline, Take Out Roman Reigns On WWE SmackDown

On tonight’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown, the most important part of the show featured Jey Uso facing a tough decision. He had to choose whether to join forces with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline or go his own way.

Roman made his return to SmackDown and expressed his belief that Jey should be the one to maintain The Bloodline’s dominance. Jimmy then appeared and questioned Jey’s trust in Roman. It was then revealed that Jimmy was the only one who opposed Jey being dubbed The Right Hand Man, leading Jey to explain how he has always lived in his brother’s shadow.

Just as it seemed like Jey would align himself with Roman, he surprised everyone by declaring that he was leaving The Bloodline. Jey superkicked Reigns and then he and Jimmy teamed up to attack Sikoa. The show concluded with The Usos delivering another superkick to Roman to make their stance clear.

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