Titus O’Neil’s Latest Book Available For Pre-Order

WWE wrestler Titus O’Neil announced his second book, “Wrestling With Fatherhood – My Championship Journey To My Greatest Title: Dad,” now available for pre-order on Amazon. Known for his career in college football and pro wrestling, including WWE Tag Team and 24/7 Champion titles, O’Neil considers fatherhood his greatest achievement.

His new book shares his parenting experiences, successes, and failures, offering advice and commentary from celebrity friends. Nineteen years ago, O’Neil became a father with the birth of his first son, and two years later, welcomed a second son. Growing up without a father himself, O’Neil learned firsthand how to nurture his sons into successful young adults, and later, he adopted a teenage daughter. His book chronicles these experiences, providing insights and guidance for those in similar situations. Each chapter addresses a key parenting issue, enriched with personal stories, expert advice, and thoughts from well-known friends.

O’Neil’s personal story resonates with a wide range of parents dealing with various challenges. This book is his second endeavor aimed at improving the lives of children and families, following his 2019 publication, There Is No Such Thing as a Bad Kid.

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