TNA Xplosion Available for Streaming on TNA+ and YouTube

TNA announced the return of TNA Xplosion

TNA Wrestling has revived TNA Xplosion, now available for streaming on TNA+. Subscribers of TNA+ will get new episodes premiering on Fridays, with availability on YouTube following on Tuesday.

TNA also announced that this week’s episode will showcase a singles match between Rich Swann and Joe Hendry, in addition to a battle between Shera and Rhino.

TNA Xplosion was originally launched in 2002 as a way to highlight TNA talent and provide additional content. Over the years, Xplosion has undergone various format changes and has served different roles within the company. Initially, it offered exclusive matches and served as a platform for developing talent.

The show has also been used to recap events from TNA’s flagship program, Impact Wrestling, and major pay-per-view events, providing fans with summaries of storylines, feuds, and significant matches.

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