Toni Storm retains the AEW Women’s World Champion at Double or Nothing

The AEW Women’s World Championship match between Toni Storm and Serena Deeb showcased a blend of technical skill and power moves. Deeb displayed her technical prowess early on, while Storm countered with strong power moves and submission holds. The match included intense exchanges of palm strikes and running attacks but initially struggled to engage the crowd, likely due to the high energy expended in earlier matches and a lukewarm build-up.

However, the crowd became more invested towards the end. Mariah May attempted to throw in the towel during a submission hold on Storm, but Luther intervened, causing confusion. Storm, thinking Luther was forfeiting the match, hit Deeb with Storm Zero, but Deeb survived and defiantly flipped the bird. The match concluded with Deeb hitting a pair of Detoxes, one on the ring apron, before Storm ultimately secured victory with a top rope piledriver followed by Storm Zero.

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