Tony Khan Says He Has No Plans to Wrestle in AEW

Tony Khan made a rare appearance on AEW TV two weeks ago, where he was involved in a storyline that saw him take physical hits from Jack Perry and The Young Bucks. Following this unexpected participation, questions arose about whether Khan might consider wrestling in an AEW match. However, in a recent interview with the Cincinnati radio program Cincy 360, Khan firmly stated that he has no plans to wrestle in AEW.

Khan emphasized that AEW is known for showcasing the best talent in the wrestling industry and that he does not consider himself to be among the best wrestlers to compete in such a capacity. Instead, he is focused on ensuring that the company delivers the best matches and action for its fans. This decision reflects Khan’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of entertainment and performance in AEW, while also acknowledging his own strengths and limitations as a non-wrestler in the professional wrestling business.

Khan said:

“AEW is where the best wrestle and we mean that,” he said to Cincy 360. “And that’s why I want to make sure the fans get the best matches, the best action. And in this case, I’m not the best person to pay those people back. I think there’s a lot of things I’m good at behind the scenes, but somebody else is going to go have to avenge what those guys did not only to me but Kenny Omega.”

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