Trick Williams Wins Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge At NXT Deadline

Trick Williams is your Men's Iron Survivor at NXT Deadline.

In the 2023 Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge, Trick Williams emerged victorious by outlasting Dijak, Tyler Bate, Josh Briggs, and Bron Breakker. This hard-earned win grants him a opportunity to challenge for the NXT Title at NXT Vengeance Day.

The match kicked off with Dijak and Briggs, with Bate, Trick, and Breakker entering in that order. Dijak quickly scored a fall, and Briggs soon followed suit. Bate then became the first to secure a second fall. Breakker wasted no time, achieving three falls in rapid succession upon entering the bout. Bate then evened the score with Breakker at the 19-minute mark.

At the 21-minute mark, Dijak and Briggs simultaneously scored falls, putting Dijak at three and Briggs at two. Dijak appeared poised to secure a fourth fall in the final minute, but a timely intervention by Eddy Thorpe prevented it.

In the final two minutes, Trick Williams made an incredible comeback, scoring three falls. In a stunning conclusion, he countered a spear from Breakker with a flying knee, securing his fourth fall and the match victory in the final seconds.

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