Trick Williams Wins North American Title at WWE NXT No Mercy

At this year’s WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 premium live event held at the Mechanic Banks Arena in Bakersfield, CA, the match for the NXT North American Championship featured Dominik Mysterio defending his title against Trick Williams, with Dragon Lee serving as the special guest referee.

The match unfolded with Mysterio initially seizing control. However, the referee was inadvertently incapacitated, allowing Trick Williams to mount a comeback. Trick appeared to have the victory within his grasp, but the referee was unable to make the count in time. Trick then executed a face plant on Mysterio and followed it up with a devastating head kick, but he could only secure a two-count.

Mysterio, determined to retain his championship, resorted to extreme measures by knocking the referee down and then forcefully clotheslining Trick, sending him crashing into the ring post. Despite his efforts, Mysterio missed a high-flying frog splash, leaving Trick with an opportunity to capitalize in the absence of an official. Seizing this moment, Trick connected with a powerful running kick, ultimately securing the victory and winning the North American Title.

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