Triple H Announces WWE Draft Will Happen ‘In A Few Weeks’

On Friday’s WWE SmackDown, Triple H announced the return of the WWE Draft “in a few weeks” and that every superstar is eligible to be drafted. Triple H promised that this year’s draft will change the game.

The first WWE Draft took place in 2002, and it has been a staple of WWE programming ever since. The last WWE Draft took place in October of 2021, with notable stars switching brands included Charlotte Flair and Drew McIntyre going to SmackDown and Bianca Belair and Edge heading to Raw.

The draft usually takes place over the course of a few days, with wrestlers from both Raw SmackDown and NXT being eligible to be drafted. The draft is conducted in a snake format, with each brand taking turns to make a selection.

One of the most exciting aspects of the draft is seeing which wrestlers end up switching brands. This can lead to new and exciting storylines, as wrestlers who were once rivals on one brand may find themselves teaming up on another. Additionally, the draft can also lead to the formation of new factions or the dissolution of existing ones.

The WWE Draft is also significant because it allows the WWE to shake up its roster and create new stars. By moving wrestlers from one brand to another, the WWE can create new opportunities for wrestlers who may have been struggling to find success on their previous brand. Additionally, the draft can also help to create new stars by giving them the opportunity to shine on a different stage.

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