Update on Humberto Carrillo leg injury on WWE Raw

Humberto Carrillo appeared to suffer an apparent leg injury during a singles match against Sheamus on Monday Night Raw.

The injury occurred when Carrillo performed a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside and landed awkwardly with The Celtic Warrior on top of him. Carrillo immediately signaled to Sheamus and the referee that something was wrong, prompting the ref to end the match and declare Sheamus the winner.

According to Dave Meltzer’s update on today’s Observer Radio, Carrillo is said to be fine after the match. “If he needed to wrestle tomorrow, he could.” Meltzer added that WWE may or may not do an injury angle out of what took place in the match.

The official WWE website notes that Sheamus won the match via referee stoppage.

WWE wrote, “After suffering several brutal assaults at the hands of Sheamus in recent weeks, Humberto Carrillo battled The Celtic Warrior in a hard-fought matchup. However, before a winner could be decided, Carrillo’s high-risk maneuver backfired and left him unable to continue.”

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