Watch – Big E cashes in to become WWE Champion

Money in the Bank winner and New Day member Big E successfully cashed in his briefcase to defeat Bobby Lashley to become the new WWE Champion on Raw.

Big E opened Raw by declaring he would cash in his title shot against the winner of Randy Orton (Raw tag team champion with Matt Riddle) vs. Bobby Lashley.

The main event of Raw ended with Lashley defeating Orton. However, after the match Lashley was injured from preforming a spinebuster on Orton through the announce table, injuring his knee in the process.

This is when Big E’s music hit as we entered a commercial break, with the match commencing shortly after. After a commercial break, the referee started the match. Lashley then attacked Big E with a ground and pound but E fought back by taking out Lashley’s knee. Lashley then countered with a spear and a pin attempt, but Big E kicked out of.

Big E then was able to hit his Big Ending to secure the WWE title in a shocking upset victory.. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston ran out to the ring to celebrate with their old friend after the match.


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