Watch – Roman Reigns leads a Bloodline beatdown of The New Day

Universal Champion Roman Reigns refused to watch Jimmy Uso have to bend a knee to King Woods, and the result was a Bloodline beatdown of The New Day.

With the stakes set earlier in the night — acknowledge The Head of the Table or bend the knee — Jimmy Uso and King Woods had a match in the main event of Smackdown.

At the end of the match, an avalanche Samoan drop from Jimmy gets him a two-count. He then followed up with Usos Splash but Woods kicks out again. Jimmy rakes Woods’ eyes but Kofi distracts the referee before he could see the pin attempt. The referee then catches Jey helping Jimmy out, Woods ends up using a handful of tights to roll Jimmy for the pin to win.

King Woods pulled off a win on Jimmy Uso, but Roman Reigns leapt into the ring before Jimmy kneeled to lay waste to King Woods and Sir Kofi. The Universal Champion capped it all off by letting Woods know that he will be in danger if he shows up on the blue brand next week.


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