Watch – WWE says goodbye to Scott Hall

From the bad guy to the N.W.O, WWE played an incredible video package on last night’s RAW remembering and honoring the tremendous legacy of WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall.

During Monday’s Raw, Kevin Owens opened the show with a “Hey, yo,” one of Hall’s trademark catchphrases. It was the start of a flow of tributes that poured out of every corner of the industry to remember one of the its all-time greats and influential figures.

After falling and breaking a hip in early March, Hall had hip replacement surgery but suffered complications due to a blood clots and was placed on life support.

Hall’s longtime friend and tag team partner Kevin Nash revealed that Hall’s family made the decision to end the life support on Monday afternoon. Hall then survived for several hours before passing away.

Scott Hall was a four-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, a two-time United State Heavyweight Champion, and alongside Kevin Nash, he was a six-time WCW World Tag Team Champion. He is also a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, making it for his “Razor Ramon,” character and later for his work with the NWO.

Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as Razor Ramon in 2014, and again as a member of the NWO in 2020.

Hall capped his 2014 Hall of Fame speech with a line that will always be remember. “Hard work pays off,” Hall said. “Dreams come true. Bad times don’t last. But bad guys do.”

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