What is the WWE Draft?

Triple H appeared on Friday Night SmackDown and revealed a major shakeup is on the way to the WWE.

After hyping up a record-breaking WrestleMania, Triple H insisted it is time to look to the future, before confirming the return of the WWE draft and that every superstar is eligible for it in the coming weeks.

He said: ‘I promise you this. When it is all said and done, this year’s draft will truly change the game.’

What is the WWE Draft?

The WWE Draft involves WWE Superstars being drafted to either the Raw or SmackDown brand, where they will compete for the next year. The Draft is a chance for WWE to shake things up, create new storylines and rivalries, and bring fresh faces to each brand.

History of the WWE Draft

The WWE Draft was first introduced in 2002, following the end of the WWE Brand Extension. At the time, WWE had two main brands: Raw and SmackDown. Each brand had its own set of Superstars, championships, and storylines. However, some Superstars were allowed to appear on both brands, leading to confusion and a lack of distinctiveness between the two shows.

The solution was the WWE Draft. In the first Draft, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and then-General Manager of SmackDown, Ric Flair, selected Superstars to join their respective brands. The Draft was a success, and it has been an annual event ever since, with a few exceptions.

How the WWE Draft works

The WWE Draft usually takes place over two nights, with each brand taking turns selecting Superstars. The Draft can involve any Superstars, including champions, tag teams, and NXT call-ups. In recent years, WWE has also included a “free agent” pool of Superstars who are not on either brand but can be drafted by either brand.

There are different rules for each Draft. In some years, brands can only draft a certain number of Superstars, or there are restrictions on which Superstars can be drafted. For example, in the 2020 WWE Draft, tag teams counted as one pick, and Raw was allowed three picks for every two SmackDown picks due to being a longer show.

Impact of the WWE Draft

The WWE Draft has a significant impact on the WWE landscape. It allows WWE to create new storylines and rivalries, as Superstars move to different brands and interact with new opponents. The Draft also helps to keep Raw and SmackDown distinct from each other, with each brand having its own unique roster and championships.

The Draft can also have a personal impact on the Superstars themselves. Some Superstars may be unhappy about being drafted to a different brand, as it can mean being away from their friends and family who are also in WWE. However, the Draft can also provide new opportunities for Superstars who may have been stuck in a rut on their previous brand.

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