Who Got the Last Word In? The Inner Circle or The Pinnacle?

Eric Bischoff was the host of the Inner Circle celebration and says 25 years ago, last night, he introduced what many consider the best stable of all-time (nWo). He now has the honor of introducing Inner Circle. The group then heads out and listen to the crowd sing “Judas.”

Jericho goes on to say that when he first saw a photo of the Inner Circle together, he felt like they looked like a bunch of badasses. He says on Sunday, it will be a battle, a war, and they will go down in a blaze of glory. If it is the last time, he tells them group “I love you.”

On the big screen, MJF appears and mocks their promos while standing in the stadium. Wardlow stands behind him as MJF continues to talk. MJF asks Wardlow a question, and then asks Dean Malenko what he thinks. Dean is tied to the goal post and beat up. MJF says they better get over to the stadium before Dean goes cold. Inner Circle run to the stadium, but are blindsided by The Pinnacle.


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