Will Ospreay defeats Kenny Omega to become IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion

In a highly anticipated showdown, Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay clashed at the AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door pay-per-view event held at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena in Canada.

The encounter kicked off with an exhilarating exchange of quick moves, showcasing the agility and skill of both competitors. However, Omega’s attempt at an outside dive was thwarted when Don Callis, at ringside, tripped him, prompting his elimination from ringside.

Seizing the opportunity, Ospreay took to the air with a daring dive, targeting Omega. As the action returned to the ring, Ospreay executed a devastating spinning backbreaker, leaving Omega reeling. Capitalizing on his momentum, Ospreay followed up with a shooting star press onto Omega, who was trapped on the top rope. Not stopping there, Ospreay executed a springboard cutter on the apron, adding to the punishment inflicted on Omega.

In a display of aggression, Ospreay repeatedly smashed Omega’s head into the announce table until the IWGP United States Champion began to bleed. Unfazed by Omega’s resilience, Ospreay connected with a powerful V-Trigger strike. In a controversial move, Ospreay utilized the Canadian flag to generate heat from the crowd, only to be met with a clothesline from Omega. Taking advantage of the chaos, Omega applied a V-Trigger on the floor while choking Ospreay with the flag.

The intensity escalated as Ospreay was sent headfirst into the unforgiving steel steps, resulting in a bloodied face. Omega, not holding back, delivered a devastating DDT on the steel steps. The action continued with Ospreay countering Omega’s offense, executing a Spanish fly for a near fall. Undeterred, Omega retaliated with a snap dragon suplex, followed by a poisonrana and a piledriver, yet Ospreay refused to stay down.

Showing incredible resilience, Ospreay retaliated with a superkick and a daring dive from the top rope. Despite Omega’s best efforts, Ospreay managed to execute a powerbomb for another near fall, narrowly avoiding a devastating right hand from his opponent. Ospreay further stunned the audience with a top rope cutter, coming agonizingly close to victory.

Just as the match seemed to reach its climax, Omega turned the tide with a reverse piledriver, accompanied by the return of Don Callis at ringside. Launching a series of V-Triggers, Omega looked to regain control. Callis attempted to interfere, pulling Ospreay out of the ring, but inadvertently handed him a screwdriver. Seizing the opportunity, Ospreay utilized the foreign object, delivering a punishing blow. Despite this, Omega managed to place his foot on the rope, narrowly avoiding defeat.

As the battle intensified, Ospreay unleashed a barrage of offense, combining a V-Trigger with his devastating finisher, the One-Winged Angel. In a shocking twist, Omega displayed incredible resilience, kicking out at the count of one. The match reached a crescendo with Omega countering Ospreay’s attacks, employing a brainbuster followed by a German suplex.

Yet, Ospreay’s resilience shone through as he countered with a back elbow strike and an impactful driver, narrowly missing victory. In a final display of strength and skill, Ospreay executed Storm Breaker, securing the hard-fought win.

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