WrestleMania 40 Achieves Monumental Success, Shattering Financial Records

WrestleMania 40 was a monumental success, setting new financial records. Both nights of the event, held in Pennsylvania, generated massive ticket sales. Night Two set a pro wrestling record with $18.4 million, while Night One grossed $17.7 million, making it the second-highest ever. Combined ticket fees brought the total to $38.5 million, 78% higher than WrestleMania 39’s $21.6 million.

The entire weekend was highly profitable for WWE. The SmackDown episode before Night One earned $2 million, NXT Stand & Deliver on Saturday drew $1.1 million, and Raw on Monday brought in $2.2 million. WWE reported these were the highest gates for Raw and SmackDown in history, though the SmackDown record was recently surpassed by an episode in Lyon, France.

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