WWE Applied To Trademark the name “Talla Tonga”

The WWE has recently filed a trademark application for “Talla Tonga” on June 11th with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This trademark application is intended to cover a wide range of entertainment services related to professional wrestling, including wrestling exhibitions, performances, and the provision of wrestling news and information through various media platforms.

The trademark application suggests that WWE is likely planning to use the name “Talla Tonga” for a professional wrestler, possibly as a ring name or character name. This move is consistent with WWE’s practice of trademarking the names of its performers to protect their intellectual property rights and brand identity.

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It’s worth noting that WWE has also filed trademark applications for “Tonga Loa” and “Tanga Loa,” indicating that they may have considered multiple spelling variations for the same character or performer. The final decision on which spelling to use is unclear, but the trademark application for “Talla Tonga” suggests that this may be the preferred spelling for the company.

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