WWE puts Bray Wyatt on a Legends Contract

WWE has put Bray Wyatt on a Legends contract with all of the proceeds going to his children.

Bray Wyatt, the ring name of Windham Lawrence Rotunda (1987-2023), captivated audiences with his enigmatic persona and captivating storytelling abilities. His career, tragically cut short by a heart attack in August 2023, left an indelible mark on the world of WWE and professional wrestling as a whole.

Reflecting on the legacy of his son, Mike “IRS” Rotunda shared on the “Wrasslin Talk” podcast how he and his family navigate the profound loss after Wyatt’s tragic passing in August.

Rotunda said, “It’s been really hard. We miss him every day. Growing up in the business, you always book stuff during the week because you’re going to be wrestling on the weekends and TV. Windham and Jojo were supposed to get married yesterday. We miss Windham horribly, every day.”

Rotunda then commended WWE for their act of putting Wyatt on a Legends contract, ensuring his children will benefit from his legacy.

Rotunda said, “I have to give WWE credit. They’ve done awesome helping our family out with a lot of different stuff. They put Windham on a legends contract and all the proceeds go to…Windham has four children. Luckily, we have them.”

Rotunda continued, “He was a jolly fellow. He loved to laugh, he was loud. He was always laughing and he lit up a room. He lit up the wrestling business. People come up to me and have a story with Windham, they say he took the time to sit there and bullshit with me for ten or fifteen minutes when he’s supposed to be signing autographs. So many people come up and support him by wearing his stuff, and they have a story about him. He was that kind of person. We miss him badly.”

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