WWE Responds to Controversial King of the Ring Finals Finish

WWE released a video addressing the controversial finish of the King of the Ring tournament, where Gunther defeated Randy Orton. The match ended with a botched pin, as Orton’s shoulder was up during the three-count.

Despite Orton’s storyline injuries, including knee and back issues, he managed to hit an RKO but failed to secure the pin due to his hurt knee. Gunther then pinned Orton in a crucifix position, leading to the disputed finish.

In a post-show interview, Paul “Triple H” Levesque confirmed that the referee’s decision is final, making Gunther the King of the Ring. However, he expects a rematch to resolve the controversy. Levesque did not specify when the potential Gunther vs. Orton match would occur, mentioning that it will take “a moment or two” for Orton to be ready to face Gunther again.

“Coming back here and seeing it back, I saw exactly what you saw. I saw what everybody saw. I saw what everybody is talking about. Didn’t really even seem controversial to me, just seemed like Randy Orton’s shoulder wasn’t down,” Levesque said. “But I’m going to say this: the referee’s decision is final. Gunther is your King of the Ring.”

“Having seen Randy back here, he’s pretty banged up,” Levesque said. “Both his knee and his back. I think it’s going to be a moment or two before he is ready to step back into the ring with Gunther. But when he is, let’s go.”

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