WWE’s Gable Steveson returning to amateur wrestling

Former Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson has announced his return to amateur wrestling competition with his registration in the U.S. Open in the 125-kilogram class, which will take place in Las Vegas on April 26-30.

Steveson signed a multi-year contract with World Wrestling Entertaining (WWE) in September of 2021 after winning the gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Later that fall, he was drafted to Raw as part of the 2021 WWE Draft. However, he has yet to have an in-ring match.

“I expect to do the things I’ve done before to the guys that I’ve wrestled before,” Steveson said in a Flowrestling video published Tuesday. “A year off doesn’t mean anything.”

“I expect energy, a lot of energy [at the U.S. Open in Las Vegas], a lot of people waiting to see what he’s been doing,” Steveson said. “Has he been training right? Has he been doing the right things to become that person again? And my answer’s going to be yes. But a lot of people think talk is cheap.”

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